“Shaju, I love teaching. It is my passion.” I could relate to this statement, I also love teaching. The second statement my colleague stated made me think, “I dont like administartive jobs that come with being a teacher.” I just wondered myself, what is teaching and what does my colleague love. Doictionaries are explicit, Impart knowledge to or instruct (someone) as to how to do something; or Cause (someone) to learn or understand something by example or experience. I liked the explanation given in a post. “Teaching is the process of attending to people’s needs, experiences and feelings, and intervening so that they learn particular things, and go beyond the given.”

I give 4 scenarios and you can choose one scenario that relates to you as the definition of teaching in this linkedin post. Explain in the post comments why you think so.

Scenario 1 Dr Shahad enjoys talking to students. It was a long day after 4 stratight hours of clinical supervision. As Shahad was going to lunch, Year 3 Mellisa stopped him to show a radiograph. It was an oppurtunity that Shahad could not ignore. Talking to Mellisa on the radiograph and what all she could learn ate up the lunch time of Shahad. Shahad went for a late lunch smiling.

Scenario 2 Dr Vivian was reading feedback on her course. It was good except for a comment, “The course content are really good and organized. For one simulation session, we realised how we were totally unprepared. The lecturer had to spend 30 minutes on telling us what we needed to know to effectively learn from this session.” Vivian went to work immediately. She consulted with the students on the feedback and got some advice from senior colleagues. She requested the concerned lecturer conducting the simulation session update the lesson plan to include resources and formative assessments to prepare the students. Vivian is excited to see if her remediation will be effective.

Scenario 3 Alysha is upset over her class tests. She calls on her mentor, Dr Ammar. Ammar listens to Alysha and helps her identify what is troubling her. Alysha wants to do better that she is now. They sit and make a learning plan to help Alysha achieve her learning goal. 

Scenario 4  The Dean is concerned on the recent performance of the Year 1 students in the first incourse assessments. 30% of the students did not make the pass grade. She discusses with the course coordinators and some of the affected students. She identifies that formative assessments will help the students learn the course material better. She overcomes the reluctance of the faculty in developing formative assessments by recruiting an expert to train them. 

Select one scenario that you closely identify as an effective teacher and poll as your vote in this linkedin post. Explain in comments





















































“Exercise is effective, but, how about………….?

 My friend is a fitness guru, having accomplished the right size and weight. She is proud and happy. I finally decided and informed her one early morning that I am starting cycling to get in shape. “Congrats! Exercise is important, but do you know diet is more important. Are you ready to cut your calorie intake?” Oh Oh, my alarm bells started, my Riley’s orbs of fear, disgust and anger set in towards sadness. I became anxious. What’s the point, I will exercise today but is it worth it. Should I even try if I am not disciplined. I decided to procrastinate rather abort. 

 I find that most of my interaction on goals with family and friends demotivating. I know the pros but the cons are highlighted by the experts who have been there. I listen carefully and slouch.  I find that same is likely to happen with some students. Students come to university with reasonable goals, become a physician, dentist, nurse, serve the society, earn a name, become an expert. Many have accomplished with some even finding the journey wonderful. Some students struggle, compare with their peers and get anxious. Very few, may be less than 1% do some acts which can harm them or their loved ones. 

I was discussing with Sam on a case of root canal treatment. “I have made the patient come for 10 appointments and you know what, my supervisor chipped and redid the full job. I feel totally incompetent.” We decided to procrastinate consciously on remediation. The anxious orb became stable and Sam started on his remediation plan. 

I find procrastination essential for me. It allows me time to reflect and retract. I did go for my cycle, patted myself for the loss of 200 calories, celebrated with a dosa and chutney. My fitness account was in positive with a loss of 200 calories. 

How do you motivate yourself? State in comments. 

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