As part of our responsibility for community of students, we have two places every month sponsored for students/learners who have financial difficulty to pay for the coaching sessions. This sponsorship is possible due to generous contribution from previous coachess who want to return to the learners’ community. CoachShaju contributes 20% while the previous coachees contribute 80% of the cost for the sponsored coaching sessions. 

How do you avail the sponsored sessions?

1. Click this link and book yourself a free goal setting session. 
2. Submit a letter in this form which explains the need for coaching and how you intend to payback to student community the benefit of free coaching sessions. Submit under ‘ Submit files or letters if required’in the form.
3. Use this code for  “SCS” under ‘Promotional Code if available’ in the form
4. Attach a letter of recommendation from one of your teachers or peers. If you are not able to get a letter of recommendation, write a self-recommendation letter for yourself. Submit this in the form under ‘Submit files or letters if required’.
5. Every effort will be taken to provide you with the coaching sessions. Provision of sponsored coaching sessions  and time of coaching is subject to availability. 
6. Sponsored coaching sessions will be five in number excluding the goal setting session. 
7. Sponsored sessions are not free sessions. Some kind soul has paid for it and you can choose how to pay it forward. When you avail these sessions, you don’t pay anything. 


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