Coaching empowers you to achieve your goals, the goals you want and define. This is coaching. I, Dr. Shaju, as your coach will be a true reflective mirror to show what is happening with you at the present and show the potential you have. I assist you to through the well tested 4 stage coaching pathway
1. define your goals,
2. identify any obstacles,
3. design the action plans, and
4. be motivated to achieve.
I am a Certified Academic Performance coach. Academic Coaching focus on students’ academic success and life well-being. More details here – Academic Coaching.
Academic Faculty Coaching work with lecturers to realise the full potential and advance towards their goals in career and life. More details here – Academic Faculty Coaching

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I am an academic with more than 20 years of experience in the field of higher education in health profession.

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+60 10-521 6075