Can Universities go wrong in their assessments of learners? I searched and found very few instances that learners have approached courts for being wrongly assessed. Courts usually dont entertain these cases as a lot of trust is there on the academic integrity and quality assurance measures in a university.  Jaffer approached the court when he perceived being not given adequate accomodation in light of him having Down’s syndrome. I dont support the commersialization of the learning contract but accountability need be taken seriously by all stakeholders and shown also to others. It is not enough for the University Senate to say that its decisions cannot be questioned. 

Assessments can be improved and universities have a responsibility to show that they are always improving based on the changing landscape. A recent discussion was on the influence of AI in learning. A loud call came to ban AI help by learners in assessments. A silent voice was heard which said to embrace the new changes and assess the learning in students. As we open up more, inclusiveness in assessment practices is mandatory. If a claim of wrong assessment is made by the learner, the university should investigate and take remedial measures for the learner as well as for future situations. 

What do you think of my views?

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