Competencies for the future Dentist

What skills and competencies are required to be mastered by the present students to be leaders of the future? This was a most relevant topic put forth as a panel discussion. Dr Ng, CEO Q&M Group started it off with a presentation on the training offered by his private school to prepare and fine tune the general dentists to fit the vision of Q&M. The worry of the academics in realizing that the graduates were less prepared when they exit the universities became a potential for collaboration with Q&M and the dental schools. The students go through an intense, power packed curriculum and become more eager to learn more to be in good standing with the ever-advancing field of dentistry. They have the lifelong learning and critical thinking skills that can drive them to success. The employers are in an important to provide feedback to the schools on the curriculum and its outcome. Values in future dentists and digital competence were the other topics discussed in this section.

What do you think is the most important skills or competence that a student of today needs to be relevant tomorrow? Post in comments.

Socio-Emotional Wellbeing

Another important topic close to my heart. The three presentations set the stage for intense discussions that could not last long due to time constraints. But the point was driven home, clear and loud. There is more stress in today’s students which affects their overall wellbeing and mental health. Most schools have introduced various courses and extra-curricular activities to impart and inculcate good coping skills for the students. Prof Samaranayake raised an important thought; the curriculum is packed and is causing stress. Won’t adding more content make it worse. The audience were unanimous is declaring that redundant content should be phased out from the curriculum.

Few areas were discussed. IADR conducts such panel discussion where presentations are aired online prior to the discussion. This gives ample time and ammunition for a healthy outcome-based discussion. The discussion centred on the students did not have students in the panel or the audience. Their presence will validate as well as give a different perspective on such important discussions.

The above article is my interpretation of the outcome of panel discussions held in SEAADE 2022.

Panel discussion with Dr. Ng Chin SiauProf. Toh Chooi Gait and A/P Dr. Hoang Trong Hung on topic “ Dentists of the Future – required skills and competencies

Panel Discussion with A/P Dr. Soeun SopharithA/P Dr. Ajiravudh SubarnbhesajA/P Wong Mun Loke and Dr. Nurtami Soedarsono on topic “Socio-emotional wellbeing and how dental schools can help promote this despite the challenging rigor of dental education

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