Course Context: The proposed activity will be part of a 3 month course called Data Science and Analytics (DSA). The purpose of the course is to introduce the field of data analytics including machine learning(ML), AI to Year 3 students of BDS programme. The course is intended to be a hands on practical oriented course focusing on the value and possibilities of DSA, ML, AI in the field and practice of dentistry. 

Activity Outline: The possibility of AI and ML in patient management, for example – patient education based on history, diagnosis, treatment done; booking patients based on availability of stakeholders; prompting unfilled or incomplete patient records based on existing information; etc. The students will be exposed to activities towards machine learning. The course duration is expected 2-4 hours, online.

Collaborators: Academic or Industry experts who have experience in developing patient management AI are invited to develop and conduct the activity.

Remuneration: Experience of participation. Monetary compensation can be proposed and is subject to University approval. 

Approvals: All proposals and approvals need to go through the Dental School and University. 

Interested, please contact me for a chat