Future of Empathy Circle Club

Last week was an interesting theme when no theme was posted. We discussed on the future of the club and the clubhouse weekly meetings every sunday 8pmMYT/5.30pmIST. Few suggestions came up and will be firmed up in future. 

1. The clubhouse should continue as now. Even if a single soul is touched by our interaction, that is the greatest success of this endeavour.

2. Members in the club under clubhouse can be approached to find their interest in the regular meetings. Feedback from them can chart the future. As a start, they can be added in the admin controlled whatsapp group, with a message as to the purpose of adding as well as to feel free to exit the whatsapp group if not comfortable. That’s the main principle of our club, empathy for self and others.

3. Each of our members can help identify and invite their close friends and relatives who might benefit from our interactions. They can be added through this link and sharing of this post.  Please pass their number to me (Shaju) for me to add.

4. Rotate leaders who can conduct the weekly meetings. This will lead to a pool of leaders who can continue with the club even when some of us leave or retire.

5. Provide your suggestions as comments here and I will update the post for you to share. 

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