“That was very brave of Sasha to bring this up.” This line about a student who had given feedback on the troubles she faced due to some staff in our school led me thinking. Are we giving a safe environment to our students?  Are our students vulnerable?

The institution I work in focus a lot on the rights, safety, and comfort of students, as they work hard to become what they had dreamed for. It is quite different from my time as a student where my teachers were untouchable and near God. There were few teachers who seemed friendly but the whole atmosphere was suspicious and intimidating. I feel that the atmosphere in present day institutions is still the same, though we have embarked on a student-centred education.

I had the oppurtunity to work with students of two distinct Asian culture. The education system and the way the students were raised in home and school were relatable. Both cultures focus on the career of students and hence the financial gain through education. They don’t want to jeopardize their oppurtunity to become successful by crossing the path of their teachers. My experience taught me that framing and implementing rules and regulations towards a safe environment is not enough. The values and attitude of teachers should be towards the welfare of students under their care than to establish their superiority. Teachers are on top of the pyramid to serve than to be served.

“I am still scared of my husband even though I am 2000 miles away and I know he cannot harm me”. We explored together why my friend was still vulnerable to her husband. She freezes on seeing a message from him. One of the main things which emerged was guilt, guilt that she did not serve as a good wife, submissive to her husband. Marriage is a union of two equals more in words than reality. Marriage gives a power over each other and the most vulnerable suffers. If you are scared, uncomfortable, jittery around a person who is much around you, you might be the vulnerable. Also check if you are the aggressor in a relationship. Talk to a friend or a professional on how to get help. Overcome your fears, you are important, you are powerful.

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