“I love dentistry for the practical skills and the good feeling of helping people in need. I question if I want to still pursue.

 Kathy prompted me to her partner’s state of mind. “Manjrul is kind of lost these days. I’m a bit worried about him. Can you talk to him.” I’m in and went to Manjrul, Hi Manjrul, how you doing? “I’m not sure Shaju, I’m lost. ……….” After a short pause, he continued, “I think I can figure out myself, thanks for asking” “Anytime Manjrul. If you think, you want to talk, you know how to catch me. Let’s meet if ok after your upcoming exams. Manjrul smiled and went to work. 

“I’d like to take your offer. I want to talk to you. I prefer face to face” We found a suitable time and we chatted. Unfortunately I was short of time but better now than later. We discussed what was the matter for his current state of mind.   

Tell me on something recent which is still fresh on your mind. 
“Well, let me tell you about this patient case. Normally a student will take 3-4 appointments to finish this work. I know that this is my first time and I am a bit slower. But you know, I have had thrice the amount of time, and I have to restart again. The patient is annoyed, frustrated and I’m questioning myself.” 

What do we do next?

“I can’t afford to do this again to another patient. Let me think what can I do to prep myself.” We decided some actions for the next 4 weeks and of ways to keep the tempo on. 

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