“My brother is my God”, was what my nun aunt concluded after telling me a story where she was chastised by him for warding off an inappropriate contact.   She was 9 years old then and her elder brother was the head of the family. Her parents listened and obeyed the brother. I understood why a 9 year old girl adores her brother, but now at 75-year-old, my aunt still considers her brother as her God. 

The above scenario is common as far as I explored.  Condescending behaviour is commonly appreciated by students when the intention of the teacher is perceived good. Who is the best teacher, I asked, expecting that I might be on the list. The 3rd BDS student immediately replied, “SR”. Hmm, why. “He is so passionate and always corrects us when we are wrong.” But I have seen him scold you many a time. “Yes, but he wants us to be perfect, good clinicians. and chastising helps me, you know”.

What do you think? Do you approve of chastising as a necessary behaviour? Love your comments. 

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