I was excited to see a post from a person in the same profession and reached out. I was just into the profession and wanted to know more about the opportunities. My email was responded to promptly but the offer of my services was declined politely. But there was a continuation, to put forth ideas. I got bolder and wanted to talk to her. We connected on WhatsApp and I suggested a time. It was not convenient for her, not sure why but she was busy the whole week. I suggested another time range but still was not convenient. I stopped and paused. I got a vibe that she was not interested. I reflected back on why. Few pointers were seen.

There was no suggestion from her on her convenient time in the initial conversation. Only that it was not suited.

The second suggestion by me was also not suitable and she suggested a time beyond my time range. This was not communicated earlier as the time suggested by me was the same, only the day was different.

No indication from her that she wanted to talk. I also had nothing to offer but had more to benefit from.

I could be wrong. She could be very busy. She might not like to talk to strangers.

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