I was to meet my son at 8.50 am at the book store in his school. He has been trying hard to get his books and he could not. He finally asked me to come to persuade, beg, nudge the school people to give him books. We had all things ready, the credit card, as the school does not take cash, the time, I reached exactly at 8.45 am. I went to the office. The kind lady told me that the book store in charge was on MC. I just waited as I promised my son that I will meet him at 8.50 am.

“Will there be a chance to get books today?” I pleaded.

The kind lady went out of her way to call another kinder lady. She came and said, “Well, please follow me”

I went to the bookstore that was opened by her. A simple makeshift room in which a lot of books were arranged. Another gentleman came in

“Please give me the list of books you needed”. I panicked. I don’t have the list. My son is late. What is keeping him late. “I am waiting for my son…..” “If you don’t have the list please leave”. “I am sorry, can you wait for five minutes, please please” I knew my pleading was not reaching his ears. “Please leave, I have other work”

My heart was pounding, not sure why. Then I realised, I don’t like rejection.

“Can you listen for just five minutes. After that, I don’t mind even if I don’t have books”


I explained all in those five minutes. In that five minute, my son came. In those five minutes, the gentleman became truly a gentle man.

“Why did you trouble your dad. You should have come to me. Come to this brother and I will sort out” “Please take my number and call me if any problem”.

I don’t know what happened to change the person who I was prepared to let go without accomplishing my only task.

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