Why didn’t you support me?
You and I are friends, though I report to you
I tell you all in work, you know my secrets
I trust you
Then, why didn’t you support me, defend me
Or at least
Explain my position
To the BOSS.
You just left the scene; I got the battering ☹
I searched online, why I was left alone
I found a lot on how managers support
But none to explain on why you left
I empathized and thought like you
Defending will not help me, boss will know you are on my side
Explaining does not help, it shows me incompetent
Supporting you did, by leaving
I learned and reflected
What will I do? If I were in your shoes.
I will not explain, not defend, not support
My subordinate is good, and I love his work
He works totally different, but he does
I know that and I will wait for an opportunity
An opportunity during this interaction
Or any other
To give my insights on
Why he is important to the organization.
All are different, all are good, our experiences different
Our behavior defines our moment.


How you support or are supported? Say in the comments.