This opinion (biased) post is in context of dental education and would translate to other programmes using OSCE.

I find it difficult to initiate a discussion on the relevance of OSCE in today’s assessment world. Programmatic assessment has taken the world by storm and many schools have adopted data points to form decisions to progression. The data points from a summative OSCE/OSPE exam forms a major stake of the data points towards progression. With workplace based assessments taking precedence towards learning and assessment, I wonder why OSCEs as progression standard is still relevant.

I searched the literature but could not find any papers, including opinions, firmly affirming the removal of OSCEs. There are papers on the demerits of OSCE but conclusion is always that OSCEs are still relevant, valid and valuable to determine objectively the progress of a student. 

I think that there should be schools who have phased out OSCE as summative component. I want to have a discussion on the relevance of OSCE with a bias towards phasing it out.

Do comment if you are towards phasing out OSCE.   

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