I consider the university a safe place. Safe for students, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally. There are structures and processes in place where students are engaged in decision making as well as are able to provide constructive and critical feedback. Systems are also in place where students can question the status quo and demand actions on areas that can enhance their academic and social life. Anonymous survey on the facilities and resources are regularly taken in many educational places around the world and benchmarked for enhanced student experiences.

“I can’t email you, I want to protect myself”. I was surprised, rather annoyed when I heard this from a senior student. On reflecting, I tried to understand the student. He is not alone and there is a feeling of uncertainty among a section of students. I pondered why that feeling is there and what can we do to diminish this unsafe perception.

Student fear and mistrust is a universal and accepted phenomenon among students in educational institutions. Developing trust from the first day of interaction is an effective way to reduce the fear and anxiety due to mistrust.

How does your school handle student fear and mistrust?  


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