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What are rules? Rules are restrictions that we have to follow, break or violate. That was a revelation for me. I thought rules only stifle us. Perspectives from others changed it.

The rule in a school was not to celebrate birthdays. An outcome of an unruly scene earlier in the year. The young gentleman, Goke, considered it silly. He was in the School as a student. It didn’t stifle him, just silly. Just go out to celebrate, don’t bother lah.

Our other participant, an experienced CEO of a large company, wanted his employees to have a uniform. No consultation, no consensus, just directive. You know what all I need to hear if I ask them, I felt it right, they don’t have a choice. Wear or leave. You don’t ask all, directives and become like Singapore.

We have a choice, to follow, violate or change the rules. Do rules stifle you? Post your comments