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I googled for ‘How I influence my parents‘ and hits were on ‘how parents influenced me’. This was exactly the question Divi asked me, why did I select this topic? I wanted insight on this topic after one of our participants, Casey, had stated that parents scold for our good. What if I could influence my parents so that they don’t scold me but understand that I can do what is good. Interesting eh!

Divi continued, I was brought up in a house where ‘no’ was the right of adults and ‘yes’ was the mandate of kids like me. I never questioned my mom or dad, even all the elders in my joint family. This had an effect in my work life. It was so traumatic to challenge others. But even now, after me becoming a mom, I don’t think I can  influence my dad.

When I look back on my life, there were no moments in my life where I had influenced my parents. My parents had actually controlled me than influenced me Even today, me managing my own life, I cannot influence my dad.

Tom related his experience, my dad is short tempered. He would many a times get into a fight. I remember the first time when I told my dad to control his outburst and he listened. Why did he listen, I am not sure. May be I have become physically big and hence I matter in my family. 

All our stories did not show what I was looking for, how could I have influenced my parents. But I knew, I was not alone. Am I being influenced by my kids? I have started observing.

What do you think? Have you influneced your parents? Post your comments.

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