BDS Curriculum Student Perspective 

BDS Curriculum in Student Perspective is a live project which intends to develop a curriculum that is stress free and achieves the intended goals. One of the main sub-project is “No To Exams”. The first free online webinar will be held on 23rd July 2022, 5pm (GMT+8hrs) Google Meet. Register here. 

No To Exams – Speakers


Professor Luke Dawson, Dental Education, University of Liverpool, is a pioneer in introducing innovative elements in dental education. One of the recent works he is working on programmatic assessment is the use of data points in deciding student progression in an objective way. In the webinar, Luke will discuss on the various aspects in the collection, management of student data points and how it decides the progression. 

Dr Mark Jellicoe, Psychology in Dental Education, University of Liverpool, is passionate on student development using the themes in psychology. Mark will focus on conversations that can be made from the ingight gained through the data points. These conversations with students allow the student to reflect and set their goals to succeed.